Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mother-ease AIO Review

About Mother-ease Cloth Diapers:
Did you know that Mother-ease has been manufacturing quality cloth diapers since 1991? That's 20 years of satisfied customers and long-lasting products! Did you also know that Mother-ease is the inventor of the One-Size diaper? A product that quickly became common terminology for a type of diaper? It's true! An added bonus? Mother-ease Cloth Diapers uses 100% green power to manufacture their products!

We manufacturer all our cloth diapers and diaper covers from start to finish in our factory in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. This is the only way high quality standards can be controlled and enforced.

What I Received: 
I had my choice of cloth-diapering system, and chose to review their all-in-one diaper system, which included a Mother-ease All-In-One diaper with a Sandy's Absorbent Liner. The AIO features an super-soft knit cotton terry inside, backed with waterproof polyurethane. Another incredible feature, shown in other Mother-ease Cloth Diapers, is their Air-Flow side venting system. The fabric surrounding the side-snaps stretches and moves with your baby to allow air movement (Without leaking! Tested by our newly crawling young man!) throughout your baby's diaper.

Photo Courtesy of Mother-ease 

The Mother-ease AIO comes in 3 sizes: Small (10-20 pounds, absorbs 11 oz.), Large (20-35 pounds, absorbs 12 oz.) and X-Large (35-45 pounds, absorbs 13 oz.). The Sandy's Absorbent Liner we recieved comes in small (5"x12", absorbs 6 oz.) and large(5.5"x14", absorbs 7 oz.), and comes in your choice of unbleached cotton, white cotton, bamboo, organic cotton and stay-dry on cotton. I chose a large AIO since Bug weighs exactly 20 pounds right now, and a white cotton liner (given the choice of either white or unbleached).

Photo Courtesy of Mother-ease

My Review:
Now first of all, I'd like to talk to you about my first impression of the size of this diaper. Out of the package, it looked huge. I thought I made a mistake and the small would have fit a lot longer that 20 pounds, but alas, things are not always what they seem at first glance.
While the diaper did look big on Buggie, it fit him perfectly. It's not bulky, but "poofy" for lack of better terminology. If he sits down or is crawling around, the air is pushed out of the diaper and it looks much better. Also, for a fairly average and long boy there are no leg gaps that I noticed, which is great considering he just barely fits the minimum size for this diaper.

Because the diaper and liner are all white cotton, I ran them though a hot wash with other clothes and called it good. I was not too concerned about anything else really hanging around in the diaper after one full hot wash.

With the thought of 19 oz of absorbency on my mind, I immediately tested this sucker out (with the liner of course) around Bug's nap-time. Around noon I put him in the diaper, gave him a bottle, then moved him to his crib after he was finished. I expected his usual 2-3 hour nap, however, we got a real work-out right from the beginning! Bug did not take his usual nap, but an extra-long teething nap which lasted almost 6 hours. Yes, 6 hours. I picked Bug up out of his crib, felt him, felt his sheet, then thought about how amazed I really felt.
I was sold. Yeah, sure, we have a night-time solution that works great for us, but who wants to bulk up a tiny baby when you can get the same results with a single diaper?

Since then I have used this diaper for both regular day-time and over-night use with amazing results. The AIO and Sandy's liner are a perfect pair in my book. I look forward to some cooler weather and seeing how well it fits underneath Bug's pants though, and giving that "bulky" look the true test. Though I'm sure that will thin out and look almost perfect once Bug is a little bigger and fills out more of the diaper as well.

You can purchase your own AIO, or any other Mother-ease, Sandy's or Wizard cloth diapering product directly from Mother-ease. PS- They ship internationally as well! Just look under the "Shopping" tab =)

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