Thursday, September 15, 2011

Confessions of a Catholic Cop WINNERS!

I'm sorry about this delay with choosing winners. Anyone who hasn't heard already via my Facebook page or my "Wordless Wednesday" post, J's semi burned to the ground Tuesday evening. We lost all of his trucking equipment, his tv, dvd player and dvds, his winter gear, steel toe boots, and the most frustrating at this point, all of his clothes but what he was wearing at the time (since he leaves no clothing home). I am still beside myself about the thought that if hadn't reacted so quickly, he would have died. Please excuse me while I try to collect myself over the next week or so. Now.. on to the winners :)

This giveaway was a bit of a flop I guess, as there were 5 winners but only 4 entrants. So, all of you who entered, have won. I'll be sending you all emails for your shipping info today and I'll forward your info to the publisher. Thank you for entering!

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