Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11/11: Remembering, and "Happy Birthday!"

 I remember where I was on September 11th, but I still am a little foggy about the exact events that took place. I was in high school, and my teachers basically sheltered us from what was happening. All tv's were turned off, no one said a word. Until the end of the day, my history teacher decided to let us watch the news, and I remember staring at the tv in disbelief.

J started talking today as well, about his memories of September 11th. It was his 17th birthday. Him and his family were in Destin Beach, FL on vacation for his birthday, when they saw the Trade Center fall on the news that morning. His memories fall short after that, because this was also the last birthday he was able to spend with his mother, before she passed away from pancreatic cancer.

Today brings a lot of sadness and memories for all, but I'm doing my best to bring Jer the best birthday he could have today, as his birthday birthday with his son. So while I dry my eyes and turn the screen a little further from J before he realizes I'm writing about him, I just want to say, "Happy Birthday Jared!"

Thank you all for be such fantastic readers. I'd love for you to share a memory of this day on this post as well.

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