Monday, August 15, 2011

Yes To {Baby} Carrots Review

I contacted Yes To Carrots because Bug has been starting to develop a lot of the sensitive skin issues J and I share. As much as I love to associate the smell of Johnson's baby lotion with Bug, I knew I could do better. I asked to try out some of the products from their baby line for Buggie, and much to my surprise, this is what Mr FedEx brought to my apartment door:

All their products are 100% natural. Tear-free, hypoallergenic, and are free of parbarens, petroleum and SLS (sodium laurilsulfate, a man-made cleansing agent). So, we were off to see how everything worked for Bug!

Naturally Cleansing Bubble Bath:

Directions: Add two squirts to a warm bath and swirl to make tiny bubbles. Add baby. Let the tub party begin.

I've never used any bubble bath with Bug before, so this was fun. The bubble bath has a nice light fragrance. Almost soothing. And the bubbles really were tiny. They made the perfect little bath for Bug.

Shampoo + Body Wash

I received both the regular formula for babies and toddlers, and the fragrance-free hypoallergenic formula. I found both to clean equally well, the only real difference being, there was basically no scent to the fragrance-free formula, and the same calm and soothing scent to the regular formula. I fell in love with the shampoo & body washes. I could easily replace my scent association with Johnson's for Yes To Baby Carrots wash. I also like that it comes in a foaming pump. It's not overly sudzy like typical body wash, but it cleaned Bug up so nice. I also noticed his skin was as slippery while I was bathing him. His skin felt by no means dry in any way, but just... clean.

Nourishing Baby Lotion:

Yes to post-bath rub-downs for chubby little bodies. Yes to organic aloe vera to soothe, fresh carrots to nourish, and rich cocoa butter to make the softest thing on Earth even softer. Yes to extra cuddle time (bonus!)

I love this lotion. Looking for details? Ok. First off. It's the perfect consistency. Maybe I'm weird, but that's a big deal to me when it comes to lotion. If it's too thick and sticky, then we get covered in the chi's stray fur and clothes stick to your skin. If it's too thin, it's like trying to rub water into your skin and that's just pointless. This is the best lotion I have tried in a long time, and I love how quickly it absorbed into Bug's skin. It was almost instant. I could also dress him immediately afterwards, and his clothes laid fine. There was no sticking or slipping, or spots of lotion soaking though his jammie shirt. And of course, there was that light, natural "this is perfect for babies" scent.

Soothing Diaper Cream:

Talk about "just in time." Those of you who frequent my blog, know about Bug's sudden unexplained rash. I've gone to my usual cloth diaper safe creams but he was still looking almost raw, and I could tell he was uncomfortable, so this was the perfect opportunity to really test out Yes To Baby Carrots Soothing Diaper Cream. While made from natural ingredients, it packs a powerful punch with 25% Zinc Oxide, something that has never touched Buggies skin before. I was amazed at how thick the cream was, and how well it seemed to start to absorb into his skin. I lathered up his diaper area, and put him in an Econobum cover with a prefold. After battling this dreaded rash for a few days and one application of Yes To Carrots diaper cream, the rash was completely gone by morning. I was sold!

*I'd like to make a quick note and let you all know that if you use this diaper cream with cloth diapers, please use a disposable liner. I was not worried about trying it out on a couple prefolds, but I found that when I washed them, the cream did not completely come out. It did leave a white-ish stain, and could still smell the cream in the cloth.*

Face + Nose Wipes:

Carrots are packed with beta-carotene - a powerful anti-oxidant to nourish even the most tender skin. We blend this with a gentle saline solution to safely remove any mess from your baby's face and nose, along with skin soothers like aloe, chamomile, and vitamin E so skin is left soft and gently cleansed.

I cannot get over how soft these wipes are. It feels like you're wiping your face with a fluffy cotton cloud. And trust me... gentle as they are...

...they clean incredibly well!

So What Do I Think?

I think (ok, I did) I gave all my Johnson's and store brand baby toiletries to one of my friends for her little guy and I'm a Yes To Carrots convert! Next shopping trip I'm going to pick up Yes To Carrots products for J and I to start using as well. I'm completely impressed with how gentle yet powerful the products in the Yes To Baby Carrots line work, and I cannot thank them enough for allowing me the opportunity to test them out with Bug!

You too can try out Yes To Carrots for baby, face, body, hair and lips by purchasing directly from their website, or any of their fabulous retailers. You can also connect with them on Facebook or Twitter!


  1. I used to love Johnson's too until I found a different scent, much better. I like Yes to Carrots, they seem very kid appropriate.

  2. Your baby girl looks so happy and contemplative with the bubbles. I love how she is obviously figuring them out. The product sounds really good and I will recomend them to any friend with a baby.

  3. Love those wipes. I have to look into these.

    Michelle F.

  4. Love hearing you are a convert! I like J&J brands, but I love Carrots even more!

  5. Awwww, how cute. Those products sound great. Thanks for sharing.

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