Friday, August 12, 2011

A Long Night With Diaper Rash

A few months ago I endured the daunting battle of a staph infection on Bug's bum. Since then I'be literally been afraid of diaper rashes. J even questioned how much better cloth really was if Bug was still contracting horrible rashes, but I was able to convince him there were other factors involved. I washed every last diaper we owned, including ones he hadn't worn, with bleach. Ruined a few, but everything cleared up and my anxiety and fear for his rash went away.

I woke up this morning at about 1:00 to Bug crying. It's unlike him to wake up at night, but with 2 more teeth on thirty way through I wasn't going to make a fuss. I made him a bottle, handed it to him and grabbed a clean diaper. He almost seemed startled when I took his wet diaper off, but I knew he was tired so I continued to change him. I wiped him and he wimpered. Then I started to snap on the clean diaper and there it was. That scream. You know, that ear piercing scream with a quivering lip that would make any mama cry herself. I took off the diaper and turned on the bedroom light and sure enough, diaper rash.

Between his legs and on his baby boy bits was beet red and bumpy. I started to think maybe it could be heat rash. I drew a bath, which I'm sure I'll hear about from my neighbor in the morning, soaked his bum. I put some Sudzy Baby Extreme Cream on it, and loosely fastened on a prefold. He whimpered the whole time, I gave him a half dose of acetaminophen, and cuddled with him in my bed.

I called J crying. A call he never wants to get, but I needed to talk, even though he's two thousand miles from home. He calmed me down, and at 2:30, Bug calmed down too. He fell asleep in my arms, and I kept him there. I didn't sleep at all last night. I just stared at Bug, kissed his little head and held him tight.

I wish I knew what was really wrong with him. My head is just swimming now. Was it maybe heat rash? Or was it some kind of diaper rash we just haven't dealt with yet? All I know for sure is I hope we don't have to go through this again. I'm sure we will. And I know eventually the day will come where I will pray for something as simple as diaper rash, but for now, I'll keep hoping the rashes stay away.

What's a bad rash experience you've had with your little one? Is there anything special you do to prevent them in cloth? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Ella got a heat rash this summer and that was pretty much what it looked like. I put some CJ's Butter on it and it cleared up after a couple days, but the butter seemed to soothe it.

  2. Both mine got impetigo in the diaper area. I had to use a prescription antibacterial cream and disposable diapers for a few weeks. Then, I bleached the heck out of my diapers and have been hanging them out to dry in the sun ever since. So far so good but I know exactly how you feel about any kind of diaper rash. I tried Earth Angel Mama Baby Nipple Butter on their sore bums and boy parts and that seemed to help soothe them some. Good luck and I hope your little feels better soon.

  3. My son had a horrible rash, almost like a chemical burn, and it lasted for a few weeks. I cut out different things until I figured out it was a reaction to the detergent I was using (RnG) and the orange oil in his wipe juice. Now I use water on his wipes, sometimes with a squirt of burt's bees body wash mixed with a lot of water. I use dish soap instead of detergent. What has helped keep the rash from recurring the most is baby powder. I got talc free baby powder and my mom pointed out that one of them had medicine in it, similar to diaper rash ointment medicine. So I got that powder and any time it looks like he might be getting a new rash, I powder him like crazy. He loves it, turns around and asks for more on his butt. I was determined to keep using my cloth diapers and with some adjustments, things are working out great.