Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shout Out: Modified Momma Creations

I was introduced to Modified Momma Creations on FaceBook through a giveaway quite a few months back. Shortly after I started following their blog, Modified Momma Reviews (which is also on FaceBook), I found out they hosted a monthly In-Need giveaway to try and help out families in need by providing one or two families a month with a hand-made diaper that they would otherwise be selling in their shop. I was blessed by these two wonderful mamas, Nikki and Hurley, with a one-size all-in-one diaper for Bug this past March. Nikki also provided us with an opportunity to test her new reversible fitteds at a highly discounted price. Their work is fantastic, and they are awesome to work with. Both Nikki and Hurley also have custom diaper slots available right now, you should check out their work!

(Pic coming soon)

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