Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 3: From the Bathtub to the Kitchen Sink

The Flats and Handwashing Challenge is becoming more of a physical challenge for me than I ever could have imagined. I was diagnosed a few years back with Degenerative Spine Disease and kneeling over a bathtub has really pushed me to my limits. So we have moved to washing in the kitchen sink! The size of our tiny apartment sink is about the same size as my soaking bucket, but it's relieved so much pain that I don't even care LOL I was able to keep my same wash routine, but I just need to wash smaller batches, so I have been washing whenever I can. I had my brother come over to keep an eye on G while I washed a load this afternoon. Granted there is no place to hang anything outside since I live in an apartment anyway, but it's been so humid and rainy outside that I haven't even been opening the windows. I was concerned about sanitizing the flats, so I had planned on hanging them from the curtain rods so they could get some sun, but instead I've been layering them over my shower rod.
Our wipes have been hanging on clothes baskets and our covers our drying on the side of the tub when I have to wash them. So far, only one bad poop diaper, but otherwise, as long as I soak anything with poop, it comes right off in the soak bucket.

I will have to say, that at this point, the challenge is very similar to what I anticipated. I actually expected the flats to be harder to wash and that it would take hours for me to wash them enough for them to smell "clean", but it's been going fairly well.

*A special thank you to Diaper Junction for the donation of flats for the challenge.*

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