Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 1: It's Here, It's Here, IT'S HERE!!!!

Thanks right mama's and daddy's! Today is the beginning of the flats and handwashing challenge! And what an awesome start we have. Bug woke up 2 hours earlier than usual (lol) so I can get his diapers from yesterday in the wash quick and get him in his first flat for the day. I bleached the bathtub yesterday, and have the bleach, vinegar and baking soda, as well as my Rockin' Green, by the tub for washing and disinfecting (since I'm still paranoid about the staph coming back). I regret not buying a plunger of some kid to help out, but we honestly didn't have the extra money right now. But that's ok! I'm completely psyched!

 Our Changing Station:
Wipe Container with cloth wipes 
Basket with flats, covers and pins (2 flats in dirty bucket, one cover on G with flat and snappi)

I think my first step with everything is going to be a "wet pail." I don't have a big bucket to wash in, but I did remember this morning that I still have a little 2 gallon bucket that I used for cleaning at our house still packed up. So I played treasure hunt while Bug took a nap this morning and dug it out and have started soaking things in 2 gallons of hot water with a tablespoon of Rockin' Green. I wasn't too concerend with Gabe's first pee-soaked flats, but since I'm using family cloth as well, and don't see the point in only washing those in the washing machine, I'm handwashing my cloth as well. So, step one: soak everything in a wet pail.

(A special "thank you" to Diaper Junction for providing us with our flats)

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