Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our Apartment Is Officially Disposable Free!

We're really stretching it, but I can't handle rashes and that awful stink we get from disposables. We don't quite have a big enough stash, but I gave all our disposables away anyway. I've been using cloth while we're out, which was going to be the only time I used disposables, for over a month now, and it's so much easier! Why mess around with disposables when I get home when I can just empty a baggie into the dirty diaper pile? It just didn't make sense anymore. And when J started complaining about "that nasty stink" on G every time he was wearing a disposable, I knew it was time for them to go. I gave them to our neighbor, who is also in need of diapers, but after a couple days of dropping cloth in the conversation, was a bit less than kindly told that they just we not interested. My brother thinks it's cute, that I can tell him "Yeah, G is going green. But the rest of us are still working on it! :)"

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