Sunday, March 6, 2011

My first experience with Planet Wise

Back in December, I had won a gift card for and made a purchase at Abby's Lane of a Planet Wise pail liner. I was so excited, and once I started using it, my excitement evolved into happiness. Being my first time cloth diapering, I was happy to not notice any smells while the liner was full of diapers, or empty. I had heard rumors of other bags and liners holding smells even after washing, so this was great for me so far. I loved how this one bag held in all those dirty dipes and nothing leaked out!
Now, we recently moved, and even though G is ebf, I hooked up my diaper sprayer and started spraying his dirty dipes anyway, in the hopes of eliminating the first rinse cycle in our now coin operated laundry. My first load of wash after holding these soaking wet diapers, I was startled by a slow leak of yuck-water from the bottom of the liner as I lifted it from the pail. My liner was wicking! I started my wash, and immediately emailed Planet Wise. I knew my warranty had expired, but I was upset by the fact that I (at the time) felt dumb for ordering the liner early, and only getting to use it a month before it stopped working properly. Just a run down, so it's out there, I only use Rockin Green detergent. Not additives, no bleach, and I line dry anything and everything with PUL. So I know I hadn't compromised my liner myself. I received an email back, and after a few questions, I was offered the opportunity to fill out a replacement form, and was told I would receive a new liner, even though my warranty had expired. Now I of course have yet to receive my replacement liner, but I am ecstatic with Planet Wise customer service! I no longer regret purchasing my liner early, and am pleased to see a company stand so strongly behind their products.

Other than the minor issue I encountered, which is now being remedied, I have found nothing I dislike about my Planet Wise liner. I can't wait to try the new one and see how well it holds up to my sprayed-down diapers!

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