Monday, August 16, 2010

Enough is enough

All I'm going to say is this isn't about Jer. He's the only one helping me through this right now, and I just need to vent.
How I live my life is no longer up to you. That decision was no longer yours a long time ago. Telling me that I NEED to do something in my life, and that I NEED to do something for a child created by Jared and myself - no one else - is grossly out of line. We have our own beliefs, and even Jer and I have our own different beliefs. You can't get around that by attacking me. From now on, if you've got something to say to me, you can say it nicely in front of both of us, instead of cornering me and trying to intimidate me. Because it didn't work this time, and it won't work the next. But I promise you, next time I won't be so quick to keep my mouth shut. Next time, I will tell you for the last time, my opinions. My thoughts. I'm done defending myself to you. I thought this would stop over the years, but everyone else was right and I was wrong. I'm an adult, and I have my own family now. And I don't need drama from someone who is supposed to care and support me and my family.

Monday, August 2, 2010

24 more weeks!

I still think this time is going super fast. Though I still can't wait for the waiting to be over and for little baby to be here. It still all feels like a dream. I mean honestly, how can it not? Being told for years that you can't have children, and then just 1 pregnancy test taken just to get Jer to shut up, managed to change the outlook for the rest of our life together. Since that day, besides all the obvious changes in how we look at things, we've really gotten the ball moving to get married. We always wanted to, like from not even a month after we got together, but we're fianally trying to get everything moving and hope to get married this year yet - preferably while the weather's nice and we can have a little get-together outside. I've begun to buy baby stuff, like, way more than I think I should be at this point, but nothing over $20 so far, so I feel I can justify it. A lot of clothes mostly, and a crib bedding set, and a little vibrating bouncy chair. I can't wait!