Saturday, April 17, 2010

This Man Could Make Our Lives A Soap Opera

After all the bullshit at Jer's dads funeral with his step-mom, he decided to talk to her for the first time since then, today. Since the day of the funeral, his aunt has been calling or texting on a daily basis "just to let you guys know" what she's been saying about us. That she's threatened our lives, threatened to take us to court even though we've done or said nothing, making up lies about us and that we've been calling and harassing her. Now, we have proof that we have not contacted her since the day of the funeral, and it was before the funeral to tell her that we would stop by the house to help her. But she got drunk and we were told by her family not to go over there, so we didn't, we just saw her at the service. We were also told by his aunt almost every day, to be sure not to call over there or go up there because his step-mom would have us arrested.
Today we found out that it was all lies. His step-mom has said nothing about us, has not made threats toward us, or said anything about us at all. His aunt, however, has been telling his step-mom the same things, towards her, about us. She's just been playing us all to try and rip his whole family apart.
Now I am not forgiving his step-mom for all the crap she put us through for the past two years, or for anything she did the night we moved, or since we moved. I will never forgive her for how she acted the day of the funeral, or the time preceding the funeral when she abandoned Jer's dad and left him to die while she went to get drunk for a week. And the fact that after we told her what's been going on she just shrugged it off and has no intention of telling his aunt to knock it off, leaves me feeling that maybe they both knew what they were doing. Perhaps?
Anyway, now Jer wants to go over to the house again and grab more crap. I am so sick and tired of going through this emotional roller-coaster every other week with his whole damn family. We finally decided to just shut everyone out, and now he's got to suck up again.

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