Monday, March 29, 2010


So I got bored and decided to go through Jack and Dink's treat bucket. Here's what we've got. Now, some are things we got in bulk and I didn't list because I've got no idea what they are lol And of course there are plenty that they've had in the past year that aren't listed, but I think we've got quite the treat and chew collection going lol
  • premium select puppy variety dog biscuit treats
  • milkbone crunchy original dog treats
  • pedigree breath buster
  • hartz cruch 'n clean dog biscuits
  • exter-hides twisted rawhide sticks
  • merrick bully sticks
  • sergeant's people crackers
  • zuke's mini naturals
  • pet essentials dental coated knotted bones
  • milkbone essentials plus long lasting chews
  • foppers fresh baked dog treats
  • bright bites
  • canine carry outs
  • nutro natural choice crunchy treats with real berries
  • ziwipeak good dog treats venison
  • canine carry outs chew-lotta long lasting chewbone
  • dogswell happy hips
  • dingo denta-treats teeth whitening chews
  • purina beggin' littles
  • merick texas taffy
  • greenies
  • terrabone
  • moo! bully jrs
  • cadet munchy strips
  • jones gourmet dog chews pork femur
  • pig ear strips
  • beef hooves
  • bit-o-luv
  • merrick texas toothpicks
  • snoozles and moozles
  • merrick sausages
  • turkey steak patties
  • dehydrated lamb lung
  • dehydrated beef heart
  • dehydrated chicken fillets
  • cadet chicken jerky chips
  • bil jac little jacs

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