Monday, March 29, 2010


So I got bored and decided to go through Jack and Dink's treat bucket. Here's what we've got. Now, some are things we got in bulk and I didn't list because I've got no idea what they are lol And of course there are plenty that they've had in the past year that aren't listed, but I think we've got quite the treat and chew collection going lol
  • premium select puppy variety dog biscuit treats
  • milkbone crunchy original dog treats
  • pedigree breath buster
  • hartz cruch 'n clean dog biscuits
  • exter-hides twisted rawhide sticks
  • merrick bully sticks
  • sergeant's people crackers
  • zuke's mini naturals
  • pet essentials dental coated knotted bones
  • milkbone essentials plus long lasting chews
  • foppers fresh baked dog treats
  • bright bites
  • canine carry outs
  • nutro natural choice crunchy treats with real berries
  • ziwipeak good dog treats venison
  • canine carry outs chew-lotta long lasting chewbone
  • dogswell happy hips
  • dingo denta-treats teeth whitening chews
  • purina beggin' littles
  • merick texas taffy
  • greenies
  • terrabone
  • moo! bully jrs
  • cadet munchy strips
  • jones gourmet dog chews pork femur
  • pig ear strips
  • beef hooves
  • bit-o-luv
  • merrick texas toothpicks
  • snoozles and moozles
  • merrick sausages
  • turkey steak patties
  • dehydrated lamb lung
  • dehydrated beef heart
  • dehydrated chicken fillets
  • cadet chicken jerky chips
  • bil jac little jacs

Monday, March 22, 2010

Made the chi's very happy today!

The past few days have been kinda blah, but today kinda made up for it. I've been searching for a new pet shop wince we moved and I found it! It's 30 miles away, but they have everything I could possibly think of for the chis. I emailed them today about a broken link on their website, that was for a free trial of Orijen. I figured it was for a little sample bag just like you'd get from Wellness or TOTW. But no, the owner emailed me back and said if I'd be willing to make my first drive out and check out the store, he'd send me home with 2 free 1# bags of Orijen. So I have a bag of Regional Red, and their Adult formula. I also got a few samples of Evo, which I have also always wanted to try but never did. This shop has a whole wall of just dog and cat food samples. They carry premade raw, any high quality kibble (cat and dog) you can think of, and so many toys, treats, and chews... So along with all my free goodies, I bought Venus a deer antler to try out (which she will not walk away from lol) and got Jack and my moms dog each a Texas Toothpick (also a chew that I haven't been able to find and really wanted to try out).

Monday, March 15, 2010

C'est la vie

Yesterday was Jer's dads' memorial service. He passed away March 4th. Things have been really rough trying to deal with his stepmom, finding out that she's been using us as a scape-goat and doing nothing but spreading lies about us to Jer's relatives. I felt sick all day yesterday feeling like everyone believed her and they were all passing judgement on me.
Yesterday was terrible. Jer's stepmom showed up the the memorial drunk. She stumbled into the building, and then snuck off into the bathroom, drank some more vodka that she snuck in, and passed out drunk in the middle of the hall in front of everyone. He family had to carry her drunk ass out of the building. She couldn't be a decent person for one measly day.
And my poor baby. I feel so sorry for him; 25 years old and now without both him mother and father. It makes me want to go back and take back every fight we've ever had, and just make everything perfect for him, so he feels like he still has a family that needs him. I tell him all the time we need him, but I can't imagine how this feels, or what he's going through now.
But in the end, I think by the end of the day he felt a lot closer to the rest of his family. I know everyone is there for him, and I left his uncles house knowing that they all cared about Jer and I, and they'll always be there for us. Of course my family is there for us too, but I feel so much better knowing that his cousins want him around a lot more, and everyone cares so much about him.