Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Babies Are Growing Up *tear*

I just weighed myself and the chis. All I can say is I know I need to loose weight lol, but Venus still weighs in at 13 pounds. I'm disappointed that she hasn't lost weight, but also happy that she hasn't gained any weight in about a year. Jack, however, now weighs 7 pounds! At his neuter he weighed 5 pounds and just a couple ounces, and I didn't expect him to get over 6 pounds. I weighed him 4 times, in disbelief. I'm almost sad. He's still small, compared to Dink, but I really wanted him to stay tiny. I know it's still small, but I just keep thinking of everything saying "chihuahua's don't get over 5 pounds..." what a bunch of baloney lol. I feel jipped. I feel almost as sad as when I think about Jer and I having kids and them growing up from babies, and teeny toddlers into teens.... Oh god it makes me shutter lol My babies are growing up, and I want them tiny again. Aarrgghh!

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