Monday, February 1, 2010

Kinda bummed

Today kinda brought down my good mood. No work for Jared, so all of our plans are basically put on hold again. No money for food or gas. Jared's boss is selling his truck, so Jared has to bring the truck he drives all the way back up to him. Which aught to be interesting considering he'll have no way to get back home. I'm starting to think that life isn't supposed to be fair even at the least. We get a half a step forward and get dumped 5 steps back. All because someone needs to get all their trucks to work before worrying about anyone else, screwing over both John and Jared. It's just driving me mental. I mean seriously, how are people supposed to live? You promise someone and their employee work on Monday, there damn well better we work on Monday. Not "Oh, well I had an extra truck of my own to put to work, so f*** you."

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