Saturday, February 6, 2010

He makes me smile

Jack is such a little monkey lol. Since we've moved, and we're not forced to live in a 8x8 bedroom, he's found so many new places to play and hide out. Dink of course found a spot on the couch and just burrows under her blanket like she always did on our bed all day. But Jack has decided that his new favorite spot is on the back of the love seat, with his front legs resting on whoever is sitting there lol. You can barely feel he's there, and if you turn to look at him, he just cocks his head at you, and quick jumps forward to lick you in the face, then jumps down and runs off.
I gave him and Dink a "waterless" bath last night. Though I can't figure out why they call it waterless. It's liquid, hence, mostly water. They should really call it "rinse-less bath spray" or something like that. But anyway... he froze up and probably thought I was trying to spray him to death or something. But I finally finish, and dry him off a bit, and he tears off like a mad-man. Then stops, starts shaking his whole body for about 5 seconds, then tears off again. Well, after about an hour and I stop laughing, I pick him up, wrap him up in a blanket, and he just looks at me. "I was trying to finish drying myself off mom, what the hell?" "Sorry Jack, I thought you were cold, so I wanted to warm you up!" "I know where the blanket is mom, I wanna play now..."

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