Sunday, January 31, 2010

What a lazy day!

I've occomplished nothing so far today, and I just feel drained. Jer's watching "The Alamo", and the kids haven't left the couch. Dink (Venus) curled up in her wooly blankey, and Jack made a bed on top of her and her blanket. Maybe I should re-organize some stuff from the move?

Where to begin...

Well, I've decided to start a blog. Not that I expect anyone to read it, but just because I think it would be a nice way to occupy my time, and keep track of funny things the chi-chi's do. I'm currently staying with my mom, along with my fiance Jared, and our two chihuahuas, Venus and Jack. 2010 is, I think, going to be "our year." Things have been really up and down since we've gotten together. More down than up I might add, but none-the-less, our love grows more every day. Jared's starting a trucking company with his close friend, John, and I will be their dispatcher/secretary. Things are finally starting to look up.